Cruises to the Shipwreck
and the Blue Caves

Theodosis Cruises

Theodosis Cruises is a family business located at the harbor of St. Nicholas in Volimes, Zakynthos. It organizes cruises to the Blue Caves and the Shipwreck and private trips for those wanting to enjoy the beauties of Zakynthos with privacy.

Private cruises

Explore the beauties of Zakynthos island while enjoying your private cruise!

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Group cruises

Shipwreck and Blue Caves

An exciting sea excursion to the top attractions of Zakynthos island

Blue Caves

Tour and swimming inside the majestic Blue Caves of Zakynthos


1 hour visit to the world famous Shipwreck for swimming and relaxation

Sea excursion to the Shipwreck and the Blue Caves

Enjoy a fantastic two-hour cruise to the island’s top attractions, the world famous Shipwreck and the beautiful Blue Caves of Zakynthos!
The tour starts from the harbor of St. Nicholas in Volimes. Our first stop is at the Shipwreck where we stay for 1 hour. Our boat reaches very close to the sand and gives you easy access to the beach, where you have enough time to relax, see the shipwreck and swim.
Then we depart for the Blue Caves. The Blue Caves are named from the color of water which is very strong blue and its reflected on the walls of caves. On the way you can admire the entire northern coast of Zakynthos and the Cape Schinari. Most of the tours organized in Zakynthos don’t go into the caves because of the large size of the vessels. We are the only ones that lead you inside the caves making this experience unforgettable! In the Blue Caves you have the ability to swim and enjoy this remarkable natural phenomenon.

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